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Taking Photographs

I was always keen on taking photographs. Whenever I went on holiday I'd take along my camera, and carry it around everywhere with me. Then, of course, I'd bore my friends by passing around the result. 'This is me standing up, and this is my wife sitting down. Actually, you can't see that it's her because she turned around just as I took the photo…'

Anyway, once I had to go to Athens on business. I had a free afternoon, and it was a lovely sunny day, so I decided to go and look round the Acropolis. It was really strange, because I didn't have my camera with me. I felt naked without it. At first I didn't know what to do. I just stood around watching all the tourists. They were going around in groups taking photographs of everything, and each other standing in front of everything! Then I relaxed, and realized I free to enjoy myself without the need to run around taking pictures of everything. I could look at things without having to take photographs. I bought a few postcards on the way home, and they're as good a souvenir as anything else. That day freed me from the tyranny of the camera. Now I never take it on holiday. I just use it for family snap-shots.





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